Lake Hamilton Food Drive 2023

Lake Hamilton will hold its annual food drive from November 6 - 10, 2023.  The food collected benefits the Lake Hamilton Parent Center food pantry and Food for Kids backpack program.  Students and staff have been assigned high-need food items by grade.  Food items can be dropped off at any school office on campus.  Please check for the expiration date when sending food items to school.  

Pre-K and Kindergarten:  Granola Bars or Breakfast Bars

1st Grade: Mac & Cheese (Individual Microwavable Cups Preferred)

2nd Grade: Individual Snacks (Cheez-It, Goldfish, Teddy Grahams, Etc.)

3rd Grade: Oatmeal (Individual Packets) or Cereal (Large Boxes)

4th Grade: Peanut Butter or Jelly

5th Grade: Meals in a Can (Chef Boyardee, Stew, Chili, etc.)

6th Grade: Canned Soup or Packaged Soup Mixes

7th Grade: Rice or Hamburger Helper

8th Grade: Canned Meat (Vienna Sausage, Tuna, Chicken, etc.)

9th Grade: Crackers (Saltine, Ritz, Peanut Butter, etc.)

High School, New Horizons, & PBS: Pasta or Pasta Sauce

Central Office or Other Staff: Canned Vegetables or Instant Potatoes