VISION STATEMENT: Lake Hamilton School District "Working Hand in Hand, We Build Success"

MISSION STATEMENT: Lake Hamilton School District, where students, parents, educators, and community work hand-in-hand to empower each learner with knowledge, skills, and direction necessary to promote college and career readiness and continued life enrichment.

GOALS OF THE DISTRICT: The district will provide a safe and secure environment that is student-centered to promote an optimum learning climate. The district will provide all students with an academic program that promotes excellence in teaching and learning of the Arkansas Academic Standards. The district will guide each student in planning a college/career pathway that will lead the student to success in the workplace.

Lake Hamilton administrators, educators, and staff are devoted to excellence in teaching and learning. Faculty members are passionate and constantly striving to improve their craft of teaching by pursuing advanced degrees and National Board Certification. LHSD educators focus on connecting with their students to create a fulfilling academic experience for all. With an enduring dedication, the faculty is committed to designing a K-12 curriculum that is both rigorous and relevant. All curriculum documents are aligned with the Arkansas Academic Standards; all strategies and programs are research-based and student-centered. Through these efforts, each student is empowered with the knowledge, skills, and direction necessary to attain college and career readiness, along with continued life enrichment.

All Arkansas Academic Standards may be found by clicking HERE.