Haley Hatch: Director of Special Services (haley.hatch@lhwolves.net)

Monya Clifton: Assistant Director of Special Services and 504 Coordinator (monya.clifton@lhwolves.net)

Beth Nix: Special Services Administrative Assistant (beth.nix@lhwolves.net)

Amber McConnell: Billing & Records Clerk (amber.mcconnell@lhwolves.net)

Jessica Polk: Board Certified Behavior Analyst (jessica.polk@lhwolves.net)

Rhonda Colberg: Educational Examiner (rhonda.colberg@lhwolves.net)

Sheri Johnson: Educational Examiner (sheri.johnson@lhwolves.net)



At LHSD, our special education team serves our students with special needs through a full continuum of services. To receive special education services, students must meet eligibility guidelines set forth in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. For a copy of Your Rights Under the IDEA, click here. To request records, email amber.mcconnell@lhwolves.net or call 501-767-8444.


Students with disabilities, whether permanent or temporary, are eligible to receive accommodations that allow them to access the learning environment successfully. Any disability that substantially limits a major life activity should be reported to school personnel so that a 504 plan can be considered.

If you feel that your student needs a 504 plan, contact Monya Clifton or your school’s assistant principal.


Ryan Jones: School-Based Mental Health Provider (ryan.jones@lhwolves.net)

We take student mental health very seriously. To support our school guidance counselors, we employ a licensed mental health provider and a student support assistant, and we have a strong working relationship with local mental health agencies that provide mental health services on our campus. If you feel that your student needs mental health services, please contact his or her school guidance counselor to request a referral.

Counseling Choice Letter


Holly Sadowski: K - 5th Grade School Social Worker (holly.sadowski@lhwolves.net)

Carson Taylor: 6th - 12th Grade School Social Worker (carson.taylor@lhwolves.net)

The Lake Hamilton School District employs two licensed social workers to help our students and their families with the needs that are critical for school success.