Dyslexia Awareness Month

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. 

What is it?

  • Dyslexia is a neurological condition where the brain is wired differently.

  • Instead of using the left side of the brain, which is naturally made for language, the right side is over-used and trying to make sense of the input to the brain.

  • This is why many people process and/or read slowly. They can read - just slower.

  • It is a specific type of reading disorder that occurs unexpectedly when compared to higher abilities in other areas

  • It can be poor spelling, weaker written expression, and when they read aloud it may sound "choppy", it is common to leave out small words (of, in, the, etc.), and/or change words to one that looks like the word in the text (track for trace, shot for shop, etc.) It can be one or a combination of these characteristics.


  • Creative, Strong Oral Language/Vocabulary (Walt Disney, Jennifer Anniston)

  • Strategic Problem Solvers (Winston Churchill, Nelson Rockefeller)

  • Great Dexterity and Fast Reflexes (Tim Tebow, Magic Johnson)

  • Highly Inquisitive & Quick Witted (Richard Branson founder of Virgin Airlines, Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank)

Rewire the Brain!

  • Specialized instruction gets the left side “rewired” with new neuron connections.

  • The left side begins to be used more effectively for language skills.

  • Dr. Shaywitz, Yale Dyslexia Center, conducted fMRIs before and after specialized instruction. The left side can become more active when caught early & and gets this OG-based, explicit, direct, and multi-sensory instruction.

  • Lake Hamilton School District utilizes this specially designed instruction.