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LHSD Administration


District Personnel

Steve Anderson
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Shawn Higginbotham
Assistant Superintendent of Finance & Personnel
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Lisa Wheeler
Director of Special Services
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Jeff Britt
Director of Support Services
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Kristi Anderson
Director of Instructional Services &  Federal Programs
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Chris Mahoney
Director of Technology & Information Services
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Program Personnel

Rhonda Colberg
Educational Examiner
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Lauren Ault
Occupational Therapist
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Janet Calloway
Director of Gifted Programs
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Renae Carrouth
Family & Community Coordinator
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Brian Bridges

Communications Coordinator

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Monya Clifton
Assistant Director of Special Services & 504 Coordinator
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Angie Gray
6-12 Math Coach
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Sandy Hancock
Special Education Services Data Secretary

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Crystal Kavanaugh
Educational Examiner

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Stacy Lynch
Student Support Assistant

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Terry McCon
Licensed Professional Counselor

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Donna Smith
4 - 7 Literacy Coach

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Stacey Strickland
K-5 Math Coach

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Chad Wallgren
Maintenance Supervisor

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Rachael Walston
4-12 Content Literacy Facilitator
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Julie Smith
Occupational Therapist
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Tracy Criss
K - 12 ESOL Coordinator

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Central Office Staff & Support Personnel

Vivian Aitken

Executive Secretary

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Jody Albright

Special Education Services Secretary

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Sabrina Jordan

Finance / Personnel Bookkeeper

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Sue Watkins

District Bookkeeper

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Renee Farris

Assistant District Bookkeeper

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Rhonda Keenom

Child Nutrition

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Laura Young

Receptionist / Secretary

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Linda Nooner

Instructional Services & Federal Programs Bookkeeper

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Brenda Smith

Assistant Bookkeeper

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